The Podcast With A Thousand Faces

EP: 5 Levison Wood and Tyler Lapkin

Episode Summary

In this episode, Joseph Campbell Foundation’s Tyler Lapkin interviews British Explorer, Levison Wood. Levison is a world renowned explorer, writer & photographer who has written nine best-selling books and produced several critically acclaimed documentaries which have been aired around the globe. He has travelled and filmed in over one hundred countries worldwide, and his expeditions include walking the length of the river Nile, the Himalayas, all of central America and circumnavigating the Arabian Peninsula. His most recent project followed the migration and conservation of elephants in Botswana. He also has a new book, "Endurance: 100 Tales of Survival, Adventure and Exploration". John Bucher introduces the guests and follows up with commentary about their conversation. Find out more about Levison at

Episode Notes

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